Porto Pollo bay on the northern coast of Sardinia faces the National Park of the Maddalena Archipelago in the heart of the splendid yet windy part of the Strait of Bonifacio. The particular shape of the now well-known spot due to the strip of sand that links it to the Isola dei Gabbiani, causes the sea to be alternatively choppy or calm on opposites sides of the bay depending on the wind conditions; this makes Porto Pollo the perfect place for those who love sailing. The Sporting Club Sardinia base is located inside this setting on the ‘downwind’ beach because it is sheltered from the dominating West and Mistral winds: here there are the perfect conditions to learn and practice sailing. Our sailing dinghy and catamaran courses for adults and children in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German are held by federal instructors accredited by different national associations. Our school, in addition to being affiliated with the F.I.V. (The Italian Sailing Federation) is also the only R.Y.A. (Royal Yachting Association) Training Centre on the North coast of the island. We also have a fully equipped beach, a Restaurant and a Boutique which make the location welcoming and dynamic, perfect for young people and families.