Freestyle Kiteboarding World Cup Final - Day No. 3

Posted on 20/10/2016

Sardinia Grand Slam Day 3
giandomenico 19 October 2016

coccoluto action3At last, the wind has arrived and the kiters’ sails can finally be unfolded.
Today is the official start of the Sardinia Grand Slam, the World Kite League finals (organised by the GLEsport with the technical-sports support of the Sporting Club Sardinia of Porto Pollo under the aegis of IKA and the support of the Regione Autonoma (Autonomous Region) of Sardinia together with the Department of Tourism and the Municipality of Palau).
After two lay days finally the Freestyle heats will kick off.
Eyes locked on the competing Italians starting with the Italian champions Garofalo and Coccoluto.

Today and tomorrow will be two crucial days for the course of the competition.
The Freestyle qualifying series will take place today and if the wind keeps on getting stronger, some Big Air heats could take place too.
If the forecasts will confirm favourable also for tomorrow, the final stages of the Freestyle will immediately take place followed by the remaining heats of Big Air, up to the final!

Tomorrow there will also be a live streaming at www.sardiniagrandslam.com

Live Results Freestyle:

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Posted on 01/12/2012

GOOD NEWS!! The Coast Guard has finally given us permission for the FULL MOON SAILING event on the 22nd of July! Let there be light!
We will all meet at the Sporting Club Sailing School at 10:00pm.

Our schools will stay open for rentals until sunset, and we can all enjoy the wind together into the evening. After sunset we can all eat together, all of the beach bars will remain open until late. At 9:30pm the bay will be lit up to allow for all the watersports to be practiced safely.
So for everybody who wants to sail, float and paddle during the Full Moon, illuminated by 7 floodlights and one massive light ball, don't forget to register before 6pm on the day to receive the vest and glowstick necessary to go in the water.

See you there!

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